Co-ment® is the reference Web service for submitting texts to comments and annotations. If you subscribe to the co-ment PRO service, you are just minutes away from being able to upload or create texts on-line, invite designated users to comment on them, and if relevant, accordingly revise the text.

The key features of co-ment are:

  • A powerful and ergonomic interface to create, navigate and process marginal annotations
  • A simple workspace where you can manage user rights and versions of texts

co-ment can be used for:

  • Producing texts together, in particular when a few drafters seek feedback from a larger group of commentators
  • Annotating existing texts, for instance as part of educational, scholarly or legal analysis processes

For more information, visit the features page. co-ment is an open Web service powered by free software licensed under the GNU Affero GPL license. Our business model tries to implement fair trade in Web services.

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