New operating company for co-ment

As of 1st of January 2015, Sopinspace will transfer the operation of the co-ment Web service and the development of the COMT open source software to Abilian SAS.

Abilian will keep operating the co-ment Web service under the same conditions for you, and will further invest in developing and marketing co-ment. The Terms of Service will undergo minor updates to reflect the changes in operating company and some new legal provisions. All the changes go towards strengthening the rights of co-ment customers and users : clarifying that all contents produced with co-ment belong to whom created them, adapting to the EU cookie directive and recent changes in French consumer law.

We will do everything possible to minimise any possible disruption at the occasion of the migration.

Co-ment will remain open source and the co-ment Web service will remain open, and respectful of data protection and privacy.

Stay tuned for more news on and

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