co-ment used for the elaboration of the political program of Partido X

The new Spanish political movement, El Partido del Futuro, created on January 8th, 2013 has used co-ment for a key step of elaborating its democratic reform platform.

This young movement militates in favor of  developing direct democracy processes, in a context of a strong delegitimization of the Spanish political institutions. It used co-ment to submit the draft of its political program to comments as part of co-elaboration process.

First, a citizen’s debate has been organized during ten days, in January and February 2013, to discuss the future program of the movement, titled Democratia y punto. Once the first version established, El Partido del futuro offered to the public the opportunity, during March 2013, to annotate the program online via co-ment.

The platform allowed citizens, once registered on it with their email address, to comment on the drafting of the different texts composing the program and/or submit alternative drafting proposals.

The six texts put online received on average about fifty comments each. A number of 133 comments has been reached on the text dedicated the transparency of public management.

The final version of the program is now online on El Partido del futuro’s website. For all the four themes developped (referendum, open government, transparency and vote), visitors are able to visualize all the modifications made thanks to the participation of the citizens on the co-ment platform.

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