Major improvements in 2013 version of co-ment

We have conducted a major rehaul of co-ment®. Here is a short list of the most important improvements:

  • Yes, you can now export a text with its comments to an open XML format and reimport it in another co-ment instance or process it to generate for instance eBook formats.
  • The text and comments displays have been redesigned to deliver better legibility and an improved interface consistency. In particular, we now use state-of-the-art free HTML5 fonts with carefully designed display parameters. Icons have also been redesigned.
  • It is now possible for co-ment PRO users to define customized CSS rules to meet specific needs (for instance for poetry or technical manuals).
  • The Drupal co-ment module runs on Drupal 7. This means that Drupal sites can display several co-ment texts in a single page view.
  • The XHTML import has been significantly improved to better preserve the formatting of imported texts.
  • Several performance improvements have been implemented to enable annotating of book-length texts. Note that if you plan to have a great number of annotations, it remains preferable to divide a book in chapters and annotate them separately.
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