co-ment for law making

Exciting applications of co-ment® for law-making processes are developing in the European parliament, in France, or in Brazil. Initially, this usage was at the initiative of civil society groups. Today, Members of Parliaments are using co-ment themselves to interact with the public when laws and other parliamentary texts are prepared of discussed. In our featured example, the ALDE and Green groups of the European Parliament jointly prepared, at the initiative of ALDE MEP Marietje Schaake, a resolution on ACTA. Close to a hundred comments were submitted, and the affluence of thousand of readers was such for a few hours that we experimented a temporary overflow of our servers, that we are now equipping for future demanding usage of this type.

In France, a a href=”” alt=”link to co-ment instance”>remarkable collaborative exercise was conducted by socialist MP Christian Paul for the preparation of a French law proposal on network neutrality. More than 200 comments were submitted by interested parties and experts. You can access the diff display illustrating the changes made to the law further to these comments.

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