Free Software / Open Service

Sopinspace is committed to become a model provider of free software-based open Web services. We have a demanding vision of what this means:

  • All the functionality of co-ment® lies in the COMT software that powers a co-ment worskpace. For access to the full source code, including server code, please check the community site. COMT is distributed under the GNU Affero GPL version 3 or any later version. Please be aware of the additional trademark clause reserving the usage of the co-ment trademark and check the trademark use regulation for permissions. Note that the commercial wrapper of the co-ment PRO service is not distributed, in contrast to what we did for an earlier version. In practice, including the commercial wrapper (which is nothing else that a Website) in the distributed code was complicating the installation of the software within one own’s IT infrastructure. Today, if you are a subscriber to the co-ment PRO service you get exactly the functionality provided by your co-ment workspace by installing the distributed code.
  • All the data relevant to the workspace of a subscriber to the co-ment PRO service is stored in one separate database, that you can export for re-use in your own installation.
  • You can also export individual texts and their comments to an open XML format, and reimport them in any co-ment instance, whether using our service or based on installing the COMT free software.
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