co-ment in education

Collective work on the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales

Some of the greatest use cases of co-ment® are for education, in particular first language and literature teaching in secondary education. The co-ment team has supported usage by a number of pioneers in text-centered teaching. Typically, educational use of co-ment is pure annotation, in contrast to other use cases where the collective production and revision of text play a key role. co-ment is used for the collaborative preparation of lessons (teachers annotating texts) and for classroom usage (students commenting texts). We are excited by these use cases.

They are evidence to the remarkable potential of text-centered education when it is provided by adequate tools. Co-ment is also used in universities for scholarly work on texts and we expect it to become a reference tool for some collective efforts where important works are annotated in view of critical editions. In co-ment 2, we have decided to recognize the specific potential of educational use in two manners:

  • By developing specifically tailored user right settings to further enable usage in teaching. Teachers will be able to choose between collective work (comments being visible to all students) and student-teacher dialogue (comments being privately shared between the teacher and each student).
  • By offering special commercial rates to teachers. Note that co-ment 2 PRO offers functionality which is similar to what was the “personalized instance” level of service in co-ment 1. co-ment 2 PRO is priced about twice more than co-ment 1 PRO and 10 times less than co-ment 1 Personalized instance. For teachers, co-ment 2 PRO will not be more expensive than co-ment 1 PRO.
  • We also have special offers for sets of co-ment 2 PRO accounts for schools. Please enquire to, precising the number of teachers you want to provide with workspaces.
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