co-ment® is a web service for annotating, discussing and writing texts online. You can test its unique features through our evaluation offer.

If you have used the 1st version of co-ment, discover the main changes in co-ment® version 2.

Annotate, discuss, (re)write…

… are the three main functions of co-ment. They open many possible uses: school, corporate, legal, advocacy… View our use cases.

Import cares for compatibility

The import module of co-ment is compatible with many document formats to let you import your existing texts into the site.

Word page Excel page HTML page Simple Text

Export to good-looking printable formats

Simplified formatting of text in co-ment allows a high quality export.

Several formats are available for export: PDF, Open Office, MS Word, LaTex and HTML.

Text editor inside

Web based text editor

You can create new texts or edit your previously uploaded ones through the text editor integrated into co-ment. To organize your text, choose between 3 languages: the extended pandoc flavor of markdown (recommended), HTML or RST.

Integrated text

Encapsulating your co-ment® texts into your website

Want your visitors to comment your text using co-ment while remaining on your website? Paste on your site the piece of HTML code that is provided for this purpose for each text. See an example. At this stage, works only for public texts (viewable by all).

A text’s life

Versions comparison

You can edit your text, taking in account modification proposals from commentators for example. co-ment allows version management. You can switch back to a previous version any time and visualize changes between any two versions. When you create a new one, you can keep the received comments or discard them.


Contributor and role management

Create a working group easily around a text or a set of texts. Invite your contributors on the fly and give them a common role or give some of them a specific role: observer, commentator, moderator, editor or manager.


RSS feed, e-mail : choose your alert tool

To be alerted of new contributions to a text (new comment, new version), a RSS feed and an e-mail alert system are provided for each text.

The workspace

co-ment’s workspace gives you a global view of your group’s activity (comments, new subscribers, new texts…) and a direct access to the contents.

You have a real-time view of your working group members, texts and comments through the dashboard portlets. A precious tool for managing a project in a paperless environment.



You can view your group’s activity at different levels (global, for a specific text or member). You can adjust the graph’s time-frame: day, week or month.

Browse through comments easily

What if your text receives a lot of comments? You can display or browse them according to the part of the text commented, their date of arrival, their author or their tags.

Navigation toolbox

Secure communications

co-ment uses SSL-encrypted communications in order to ensure your privacy. Please contact us for other information regarding security options.

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