co-ment for licenses and contracts

Revision of the Mozilla Public License

Text annotation may be as old as writing and is superbly documented in the middle-ages in both the Arabic world and Talmudic tradition. Computer-based marginal text annotation was experimented from the beginning of the 1990s. However, a key real-scale experiment for Web-based text annotations was the STET system used in the GNU GPL license revision process. Though it uses no code from STET, co-ment® has derived inspiration from its interface.

Free software and content licenses are the “constitutions” of the knowledge commons. Their drafting and revision is always a key governance exercise. co-ment 1 has been used by the Open Knowledge Foundation for its Open Data Commons licenses and by Creative Commons for various projects. The drafting or revision processes for license and more generally codes of conduct, charters and contracts are a major application field for co-ment 2. The Mozilla Foundation is using co-ment 2 as the commenting tool for the Mozilla Public License revision process. The OpenSuse community uses co-ment 2 for the collaborative elaboration of its Vision and Strategy Document.

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